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A Cardano blockchain fueled NFT based classic RPG with competitive game modes!

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Building the first mobile classic fantasy MRPG Game in a world called ADA. Fully related game design to Cardano´s blockchain technology. We will offer the whole fantasy gaming experience, story, exclusively hand-drawn artworks, world and game design will be fully hand-made! Combine blockchain technology with NFTs in a fun competitive fantasy game environment. Finally using your HERO NFTs within a game - Modular development strategy with three Phases.


Welcome to the legendary world of ADA. It is epoch 259! Long before this time, there was a huge war in ADA, which completely cast a spell over the land. It was about the most powerful gemstone, the Goguen Stone! Whoever possessed this stone would be the absolute ruler of this world. Nevertheless, in the greatest battle, the Goguen Stone shattered into four pieces. After this bloody encounter, a mage, a barbarian, a dwarf, and an elf were each able to take possession of one of these shards.

In order not to devastate the land any further, the four heroes agreed to a truce and founded the first four realms. Now you have arrived on ADA and it is up to YOU to choose your hero and your destiny. Prove your skills and courage in duels and quests to finally conquer this world! But watch out, ´cause nothing is as it seems. An unrecognized greater threat lurks in the darkness, which wants to use this legendary world for its intrigues. Start your QUEST for ADA now…


Dirk worked for Ubisoft, founded two gaming studios as a Dev Lead, and is currently working as a Technical Architect. He is the go-to guy, well in everything tech-related. Besides running and tracking our stake pool he is doing his magic to create the foundation for our project. 20 years of experience! IF var string = "you are looking for a coder?" THEN result="Dirk";


Chris is our Illustrator & UX-Designer with more than 15 years of professional work in drawing stuff, gamification, interface- and app design in the industry. Starting as a big fan of the classic Point & Click adventures (Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Day of the Tentacle) on DOS and hoarding tons of comic books he turned his geek hobby into an ever-expanding full-time job.

Game Design, Marketing & Sales:

Marcin worked in marketing, sales, and project management for THQ, Ubisoft, CI Games, Daedalic Entertainment, and Rockstar. In the past 10 years, he has helped some start-ups in their initial phase. Michael is the second guy and is mainly responsible for game design and balancing. He holds a degree in business administration and had a lot of experience as a QA Tester in the EA environment. Both OG´s love to crunch numbers, always try to find out which RPG class is the best of all times. The struggle is still going on…

Operations & Story

Thomas is the oldest and financial expert within the team. His knowledge about movies, games, and fantasy worlds is immense. He currently tries to tie the stitches to bring the world of ADA to life. Overall we offer more than 100 years(!cumulated!) of professional gaming and business experience. We all are old-school gamers(started in the mid '80s), played a lot of pen&paper RPGs, love tabletop games, and of course strategy. This project will be something like our legacy. Ada Quest will not only be for the masses, we are developing this title because we like to play our own games. Maybe one day you will meet us on the battlefield or in a dungeon, cave, tavern you name it!

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