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Fair, safe, and accessible open finance services on Cardano, developing decentralized finance applications.

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Astarter is a key DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano that features a suite of core applications: Launchpool, Launchpad, DEX, Money Market & Tech Service Platform, with the backing of EMURGO, a founding member of the Cardano protocol. Astarter aims to elevate its contribution and bring broader possibilities to the Cardano ecosystem by providing fair, safe, and accessible open finance services to meet existing and future demand in accelerating DeFi apps to empower the next generation of projects built on Cardano.

The product timeline
  • Since its debut on 16th Sep 2021, Astarter has achieved significant milestones in both its technical progress and community growth.
  • On 18th Mar 2022, Astarter invited 50 community members to participate in its closed beta test, received many valuable suggestions, and got positive feedback. 
  • On 24th May 2022, its open beta test came. The open beta attracted over 6k participants who contributed many useful suggestions.
  • On 22nd June 2022, Astarter finished its first transaction on Astarter DEX(ADEX) testnet. We can expect to see the ADEX open beta version in Q4.
  • On 27th Sep 2022, Astarter launched its stage1 ISPO. ADA hodlers can delegate ADA to [AA1 staking pool] with the base reward: 1000ADA/Epoch=0.5AA. In addition, delegators can earn reward bonuses via early staking and epoch duration. You can search “Astarter ISPO” on our website to learn more details.
  • On 9th Oct 2022, Astarter released its Launchpool Preview, preparing for the journey to bring the community multi-token rewards.
About Launchpool

Launchpool is one of the most prominent features of Astarter Launchpad. Inspired by ISPO, Astarter is developing a pioneering way in which users can get project tokens with minimal risk of losing their original assets. 

Astarter launchpool assists delegators to earn digital assets on the Cardano blockchain by staking ADA. ISPO (Initial Staking Pool Offering) is a pioneering fundraising method on Astarter launchpool, which is a form of token generation and distribution, allowing ADA holders to delegate ADA to Astarter launchpool and earn project tokens as rewards.

Projects deploying with Astarter can issue their token and raise funds by ISPO on Astarter launchpool.

For investors
  1. Secure investment, there is minimal risk of the principal loss when investing in Astarter ISPO in the bear market.
  2. Gain access and opportunities to participate in Astarter verified projects within the Cardano Ecosystem, broadening investment opportunities.
  3. Improve the use efficiency of ADA they hold.
  4. Incentives to participate in and integrate into various DeFi products of Astarter, and explore more opportunities.
For Cardano Ecosystem
  1. An innovative fundraising methodology with low risk.
  2. Encourage more new project innovations to land their new ideas, and stimulate the growth of Cardano Ecosystem.
  3. Allow the community members to spot the latest projects and trends within the ecosystem.
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