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Equine NFT

Equine NFT

Equine is a racehorse management NFT game, where users can race, breed and trade their horses on Cardano blockchain.

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Equine NFT
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Equine NFT

Equine is an NFT-based racehorse management game that gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to own and manage their own stables of horses, to experience the excitement of digital horse racing and to breed their own digital horses.

The platform is designed to include system mechanics which are simple to approach, yet are deep enough to remain entertaining. This is achieved through design inspired by the physical equivalent to digital horse racing and retains many of the entertaining aspects of the game while avoiding many of the frustrations and challenges in conventional forms.

As a platform that has been designed from the ground up with digital horse ownership in mind, Equine features many unique elements in its core value proposition.

One such feature is the inclusion of ageing as a mechanic which affects the growth and evolution of horses. This introduces a realistic element of watching horses grow and gradually unveil their potential and adds novelty by adding an element of time to the management of stables, in which champions can never forever remain dominant, and opportunities exist for every newcomer.

Another unique feature is Jockey NFTs, which add a level of strategic depth to racing - as different jockeys impact horses’ mental performance differently, and enrich the Equine world with a cast of original characters around which stories can be told, and inspiration can be driven.

As Equine was designed to be realistic in function - it was envisioned that purists would also love the game’s visuals to be true to tradition. However, in an ever-evolving digital space abound with metaverses and digital avatars, Equine introduces a concept which balances both worlds: Horses remain as classic thoroughbreds, jockeys remain as standard jockeys - however, they can be augmented with skin NFTs that let players pick from a wide range of cosmetic appearances for their horses and jockeys. From funny, whimsical, cute, fantasy, sci-fi, sleek, or just downright cool skins, players can truly express themselves through their horses’ and jockeys’ appearances.

True ownership of NFTs, and secure yet decentralized transactions with smart contracts for horse racing and breeding, are made possible by using the Cardano blockchain. An Equine DApp is being developed to provide a convenient system for managing digital horse stables, raising champion horses, executing elaborate breeding programs, and trading with other horse owners.

Equine NFT
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Equine NFT


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