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Fat Cats

Fat Cats

Fat Cats is a gaming, AI and art project which one can become a part of by acquiring one of 7,500 wealthy AI-generated cats.

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Fat Cats
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Fat Cats

Fat Cats is a multichain NFT art collection, gaming and AI project, and luxury brand—all in one!

The four primary goals of Fat Cats include developing high-resolution image-generating AI that provides full copyright ownership with generated images, AI that maximizes gaming fun through perfect matchmaking, an open-source BNB<>ADA bridge, and a multiplayer Play2Earn platform with games and mini-games.

The first generation of Fat Cats will launch in Q3 2023, with 7500 NFTs exclusively made available to Kreate backers. The team will introduce a new 'meta' in the Cardano NFT ecosystem with a Kreate backing-based NFT mint whitelist.

Read more about it here:

Fat Cats NFTs

Fat Cats NFT holders are treated like VIPs as they gain access to a plethora of perks once they confirm their ownership via the Fat Cats website. Every NFT also acts as an exclusive game pass, allowing only Fat Cats holders to play certain games. For non-exclusive games, the NFT enables the Play2Earn capability, which means that holders can earn crypto by playing. Moreover, Fat Cats NFTs offer various digital utilities, such as generating $DUCATS or enabling the transformation of tokenized in-game resources.

While the team's primary focus is to assign as many on-brand and desirable real-world utilities to the Fat Cats NFTs, there is also a unique feature that sets the Fat Cats apart from other NFT projects. Every Fat Cats NFT holder automatically participates in every randomized giveaway of real-life luxurious gifts. Furthermore, each Fat Cats NFT has a unique visual, name, assigned nation & title, and items of legendary, epic, or rare rarity. First mint Fat Cats come with three items of legendary, epic, or rare rarity, while second-mint Fat Cats come with two items, and third-mint Fat Cats come with one item. First mint Fat Cats also have at least one item of the legendary rarity, making them unique 1/1s that provide immense benefits to their holders. The time for the second and third mints is yet to be decided.

The Fat Cats team also values community input, which is why they have established meowDAO, a quasi DAO that allows the community to have a say in the project's development. However, the team retains the authority to make final decisions in the project.

Finally, the team faces the difficult task of balancing exclusivity and adoption to create a global brand. While the initial supply of 7500 NFTs only allows for a maximum of 7500 active participants in the Fat Cats ecosystem, the supply will eventually expand. To mitigate the perceived negative effects of NFT supply dilution, every Fat Cats NFT is a 1:1 whitelist for all mints.

The only way to get whitelisted for the first mint is to back Fat Cats via Kreate at the following link:

List of NFT utilities

Utility assigned to every Fat Cats NFT:

  • Games access
  • Hold2Earn & Play2Earn rewards
  • Parcel airdrop access
  • Vote weight in the meowDAO
  • Physical & NFT art airdrop access
  • Luxury product airdrop access
  • Exclusive metaverse events access
  • Ability to stake the NFTs
  • Discounts

Utility assigned to items, and vary between each item:

  • Generating tokenized in-game resources.
  • Expending in-game tokenized resources in order to generate $DUCATS.
  • Allow for the transmutation of in-game tokens.
  • Provide real-world utilities such as higher physical luxury item airdrop chance.
  • Provide additional unique tokenized resources-related utilities, as well as a mix of the aforementioned token-generating and transmuting mechanisms.
Fat Cats
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Fat Cats


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