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OccamRazer is a Cardano-centric launchpad that offers different types of fundraising models for teams looking to expand the Cardano dApp universe.

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OccamRazer has been built with the Cardano ecosystem in mind as the key fundraising vehicle and catalyst for the yet-to-emerge Cardano dApp universe.

The launchpad has a full suite of compliance and Reg Tech tools as well as feature-rich UX suitable to accommodate a vast variety of fundraising profiles. The fuel for’s launchpad is the OCC token and the catalyst of the launchpad is the Occelerator incubator. The aforementioned incubator provides crucial expertise and resources to projects that are launched and incubated by

The OccamRazer team deployed various utilities for OCC token users—to ensure that the OccamRazer ecosystem flourishes. Some of these utilities, aside from the ability to start a fundraiser or participate in an IDO—are: CED rewards, rebates for IDO participation, liquidity mining and cast out fees distribution.

CED rewards are an acronym for Continuous Ecosystem Diversification rewards and they are essentially rewards for OCC token stakers. The rewards come in the form of projects’ tokens that were launched via the launchpad. Stakers also receive cast out fees from other stakers that have unstaked their OCC. IDO participants are rewarded with rebates when participating in IDOs—in the form of OCC tokens.

Access to all these rewards, as well as the liquidity mining and the ability to claim cast out fees from unstakers—is available via the sleek OccamRazer User Interface.

The launchpad is intended to provide a unique and critical role in the wider ecosystem which is composed of the launchpad, a DEX, a DAO, a bridge, an incubator and the community. Being part of a wider complex and efficient ecosystem—the launchpad will be able to offer otherwise almost impossible-to-realize utilities—such as instantly deploying a liquidity pool on the DEX—after an IDO has been concluded. All that and more—fully automatized via Cardano Smart Contracts.

To ensure fairness and efficiency in the fundraising access—the launchpad uses a tiered model with a wave mechanism. As a result, IDO participants are placed randomly in different IDO participation waves that have different times of participation—which resolves the gas war issue as well as provides fairness.

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