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Reach Metaverse

Reach Metaverse

A metaverse hosting platform that makes it easy to build connect and explore metaspaces, on which we are building the first city.

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Reach Metaverse
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Reach Metaverse

“An easily accessible internet is a far more functional and useful tool, if the Metaverse is to be the next generation of the internet it should be at least as accessible, functional and easy to use.”

Reach Metaverse is a platform that allows for easy creation and hosting of virtual reality metaspaces that are accessible from multiple different platforms to build an interconnected
metaverse that is functional for users and creators.

The Reach Metaverse is a multiplatform easily accessible metaverse. Join in VR, on your computer, or on your phone and share the same world with all the other users. Shop in stores to purchase real goods, play games with your friends, own and develop property and display your NFTs from Cardano and other blockchains as well. Own Condos or shops in the city and purchase and develop the surrounding land on the first of 4 continents in the Genesis realm.

  • Built Using Cardano Blockchain
  • Official CNFT Style User Wallet Authentication
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Full VR Support + Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking
  • Multiplayer Cross-Platform Play
  • Ready Player Me Avatars
  • Driving system and vehicles similar to GTA 5
  • Highway system
  • Weapons systems and shooting game
  • NFT ownership
  • Proximity chat
  • RC demo derby
  • Shops
Notable developers

Our main architect of the Reach engine, Soloman, has built some of the most popular GTA 5 mods such as Simple Zombies, Quicksilver, Grand Theft Space, and Spider-Man V to name a
few. And this expertise is one of the things that makes the Reach experience unlike any other metaverse out there right now. The updates he is working to bring into future iterations of the Reach engine such as meta prefabs to make building and updating metaspaces more efficient in Reach than on any other platform.

Crypto and NFT lead Showri has worked as one of the developers and contributors for the testnet ETH network as well as tested Dapps and smart contracts and worked with errors for the official launch on the mainnet. Showri has built wallet authentication for user profiles and for our NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain. And is developing ways to connect multiple wallets to a profile allowing for NFTs from Ethereum to be tied to users in Reach and displayed.

In development and being released throughout 2022

Currently under development the first city is being built and you can explore much that has already been constructed. NFT property in unique districts on sale on our marketplace and verified on CNFT as the ReachMetaverseGenesis project with land sales coming soon.

  • Unity 3D Source Development Kit
  • Full body physics
  • NFT Vehicles
  • Full inventory
  • Placeable items
  • Customizable lands
  • NFT property
  • Questlines
  • Resources gathering in an explorable worlds
  • NFT item creation with in game effects

Don’t just read about it, join and see it for yourself!

Reach Metaverse
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