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Rune Fortress

Rune Fortress

PVP Base Defence Game built with cNFT Units.

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Rune Fortress
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Rune Fortress

Will there be a free version of the game available?
Currently we have a “NFT-less” practice mode that allows you to try out the gameplay for free! From there you will have the option to start and create your own deck with purchased NFT's.

Which platforms will the game be available on?
Initially Rune Fortress will be a browser based game however standalone Windows and Mac application base gameplay will be available at a later date.

Is the game available to play now?
Currently the game is in demo mode and can be played here: https://elated-agnesi-b01f4f.netlify.app/
Full game play will be available in Q2 2022.

Where can I keep up with the Rune Fortress news, updates and announcements?
The Rune Fortress Discord Server and Twitter, also check out our website runefortress.com.

How can I get a Rune Fortress NFT unit (Block)?
The NFT launch will be in collaboration with Cardahub.io. Head over to https://cardahub.io/distributions and assemble your deck!

How many Units(Blocks) do I need to play the game?
It takes 4 Blocks(NFTs) to put together a Starter Deck. This will make you PvP ready. You can  expand your roster through 3rd party minting or just by purchasing more NFT’s at any time during gameplay.

What does 3rd party(Player) minting mean, how does it work?
Cardano’s smart contract architecture allows the users to mint their own nfts. For this you will need 2 existing NFTs and a little bit our our utility token to create a brand new NFTs. Some of the face/rune combinations and legendary NFTs will only be accessible through this protocol.

Where/when can I acquire your utility token?
Our token is called Fort Rune and it can be required through private sale in the near future and once we implemented our play-to-earn questing system you can go on adventures with your NFT Unit to earn Fort Runes!

Will there be any other NFT sales in the future?
Absolutely! We are planning to release the second generation NFT collection in late Q2 2022. The legendary NFTs will only be available through 3rd Party(Player) Minting.

What Cardano wallets support Rune Fortress NFTs.
Currently our API only supports Nami wallet but we are implementing further wallet integration with other wallets in the upcoming months.

Why did Rune Fortress choose the Cardano Blockchain?
That’s easy to answer. A solid architecture, low fees, smart contract capability, emerging eco-system and the largest and best crypto community.

I want to be part of the Rune Fortress team. What should I do?
We are currently looking for: Unity UI Engineers, Spine Animators and Community Managers.

Who should I talk to in case I have a partnership proposal?
Please contact our Project lead @Doctrine in discord or DM us on Twitter!

We thank you for taking the time to read our FAQ'S. We look forward to supporting you on your Rune Fortress journey.

Rune Fortress
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Rune Fortress


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